Taghreed El-Hajj

طريق النحل

“We’ve never met before in real life, however, we met in different ways and at different level after I read “Tarik elna7el”…

I read your book in one day, though this was not the plan… but, the moment I started reading, I was so much indulged and drowned into it to an extent that I skipped my coffee break, my lunch, a meeting at 3:30 (that I totally forgot about) and then a celebration at UNESKO at 6pm… Fabulous! But then I took a 90min break before I get drowned back into your life events and the way it drew and formulated your interesting personality. It was 1am when I finished reading the book, tried to sleep afterwards but couldn’t stop my mind from thinking. Your book has cancelled all my Sunday plans with pleasure… I didn’t want the story to finish though…”

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