Rana Bohsali

تائه في الحظيرة

“Progress, maturity, motivation, and purity are but a few words to describe what seemed to be the last of a hectic journey. Rami grew as a person, a leader, a friend, a brother, a lover, a son, and an existing being. Not only does he portray events of his life throughout the book, the mishaps that he faced, but also the way he handled things and approached certain matters.

At some point in my life, though I’m still young, I’ve lost faith in humanity. However, Rami’s trilogy reignited in me a spark that I have long forgotten. He opened my eyes to a different world, and to a different way in approaching life. We are all bound to face hurdles along our personal journeys, but we shouldn’t let anything taint our essence. That’s exactly what Rami did. He refused to grow bitter, refused to tell on his own people, refused to claim his revenge, and refused any “dirty” means for his projects. He rebelled and defied society yet again by remaining true to himself. Any one would’ve turned into a diabolic monster if they were in his shoes, but he only grew softer. He cried, suffered, and witnessed a living hell, but he blossomed like a flower on the first day of spring. He forgave and forgot, he kept pushing forward, and his perseverance broke the hardest of stones. Though he reached inevitable ends, he kept digging through the stubborn walls searching for some light. If only more people were like Rami, the world would be at peace.

We as humans waste our energy trying to fight others and ourselves. We as humans waste our time and our days just mourning our past, shy away from our future, and barely enjoy our present. We are too busy holding grudges against eachother, but now I have to ask myself “why?”. Why can’t we be like him? Why can’t pick ourselves up without turning into ghosts? Why can’t we remain true to our essence? Why do good people shed their skin and turn into anacondas? Why do bad people become worse? Rami refused to bow down to the circumstances, and he walked out of them with bittersweet memories and a pure heart. He kept entrusting people, kept loving life, kept living. He lived because he loves and embraces each step he takes, and not because he’s forced to live.

Not only does he make me wonder “where did all the good people go?”, but also he makes me wonder “where are all the writers?”. Everyone has a voice, everyone has a story to tell, why not share it? I find a lot of novels and short-stories that are too alike, and the ending is highly expected. I tend to lose any drive whilst reading contemporary stories, for they lost that undefined “thing” that weaves a web around the reader. Rami put it all in our hands, in such a raw manner, and it could easily affect anyone’s mentality. Where are those writers that would blow our minds? Where are those that allow us to transcend with them into another dimension? What’s stopping them? Nothing stopped Rami. Although it was difficult, but he gave birth to a trilogy, in both languages. The Arabic version struck me as much as the English ones. His style of writing, his detailed descriptions of pain and joy, his thoughts and voice, could be easily distinguished from others nowadays. He was as honest in his writings as he was in his life.”

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