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"I’m half way through your book and I must say I am amazed by the simplicity yet the richness in words. The start was a bit slow but now I’m hooked. And every chapter builds the story up making the reader more attached to the story and…


"Worth every cent. It is not only a literary masterpiece, but it is a brain nourishing and eye opener book."


"What a book. It’s just simply one of the best books I have ever read. I don’t know what happened to me, but all I can say is that I cannot leave it aside… I am really honored to know and read books for such amazing people like you. God…

Bouchra Ghattas

"Page 170… This is the kind of books you cannot put down before reaching the last page. Read the book, revive Rami’s life and get inspired by his courage and brave heart! We all need it!"

Karim Abou Merhi

"The Bees Road: 35 years of looking for a nation, identity, and belonging… the new about the story is that it’s based on the comprehensive evaluation of a young man’s experience, and many acknowledged that he’s of a rare makeup… and the…

Elissar Irani

" make ME read 610 pages in Arabic and to make me wish they’d never end, well my friend, this is something…! Trust me I don’t want it to end, don’t want it to finish, I felt I was there, every moment, in every region, every street.…

Taghreed El-Hajj

"We’ve never met before in real life, however, we met in different ways and at different level after I read “Tarik elna7el”… I read your book in one day, though this was not the plan… but, the moment I started reading, I was so much…

Naufal Khairallah

“… Touched by the book’s sincerity, courage, discretion and clarity of view. I have been living in Abu Dhabi for the past 12 years and after having spent ten years in Iraq. While reading your book, I had tears in my eyes… Thank you Rami…

Likaa Mahmoud

“… I have just finished reading your book with my eyes filled with tears... I always wanted this ‘revolution’ to take place...”