Lost In The Barn

Rami Ollaik & Denise Ayoub

After The Bees Road and Under The Green Waters, the third sequel to the first book Lost In The Barn by Rami Ollaik carries us on a journey through real life events.

A leap from Hezbollah to true patriotism, passing through identity crisis, meticulous sabotage, a hope for a long awaited justice, and ending with an encounter with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Lost In The Barn follows the author’s autobiographic account in his Bees Road Trilogy, his reaching out for a nation amidst the encompassing corruption and deterioration of the Lebanese State, extending to member states of the whole region.

A book that offers an in-depth analysis of the regional and international schemes to maintain power over the little nation, and all the repercussions that have caused the extreme divisions, destruction and bloodshed that we are witnessing today.

Lost In The Barn makes you deep-dive into the human dichotomy of hope and disappointments, in a journey of pilgrimage that links the past experiences to the present sufferings and embarks on a father’s witnessing of that and his passing away.

A rebirth. Lost In The Barn invigorates those with a pressing quest for prosperity, carries them through the darkness to the light, where no secrets prevail.

تائه في الحظيرة

Author: Rami Ollaik and Denise Ayoub

Year published: 2015

Number of Pages: 272

Price: 20000L.L

ISBN: 978-9953-596-03-7