The Bees Road Trilogy is the personal narrative of Rami Ollaik in three books:

Author: Rami Ollaik

Year published: 2015

Price: 50000 L.L

ISBN: 978-9953-596-06-8

طريق النحل1

In an inspirational journey that takes the reader from war-torn South Lebanon to a detention cell at JFK airport, The Bees Road is the personal narrative of Rami Ollaik.

A Lebanese Shiite raised in an environment full of violence and cruelty, Rami joins and rises to the top echelons of Hezbollah. In 1994, and after 13 years of party involvement, he reevaluates his life and his conception of love in an attempt to rid himself of his haunting fundamentalist past and to finally pursue his ultimate goal of personal freedom. A rough path that leaves him a traitor to Hezbollah, a suspected terrorist to the United States.

Author: Rami Ollaik

Year published: 2015

Number of Pages: 208

ISBN: 978-9953-596-05-1

تحت المياه الخضراء

Under The Green Waters is the continuation of the story laid down in The Bees Road: a story of the publication’s fallout, its blow on the author and impact on Lebanese politics, and a story of meticulous sabotage.

A literary autobiographical account of the author’s story during the year 2008 that takes us deep into the murky circles of the corrupt Lebanese State; showing the behind-the-scenes nature of democracy in the Middle East, and the intricately calibrated intimidation campaigns.

Author: Rami Ollaik

Year published: 2015

Number of Pages: 512

ISBN: 978-9953-596-04-4

تائه في الحظيرة

The third and last book of the trilogy, Lost In The Barn, is a journey through real life events that affected the author’s life between the years 2008 and 2010. A leap from Hezbollah to true patriotism, passing through identity crisis, meticulous sabotage, a hope for a long awaited justice, and ending with an encounter with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, with a father passing away after having witnessed all the past sufferings.

Author: Rami Ollaik and Denise Ayoub

Year published: 2015

Number of Pages: 272

ISBN: 978-9953-596-03-7