The Bees Road

Rami Ollaik

In an inspirational journey from war-torn South Lebanon to a detention cell at JFK airport, The Bees Road traces a man’s rough path which leaves him a traitor to the United States.

A child soldier rises to the top echelons of Hezbollah before he decides, after twelve years, to rid himself of his haunting fundamentalist past and pursue his ultimate goal of personal freedom. In the land of “The Great Satan” he attends university and falls in love with what America stands for, until the fateful events of September 11.

The resulting national paranoia pushes him into confrontation with the FBI, blackmail and an unwarranted deportation from the U.S. With mixed feelings of love, betrayal, fear, hope and devastating heartbreak he moves to teaching beekeeping at the American University of Beirut, filled with the urge to rid Lebanon of bigotry and unite the nation as whole.

The Bees Road

Author: Rami Ollaik

Year published: 2013

Number of Pages: 416

Price: 24000L.L

ISBN: 978-9953-596-00-6