Under The Green Waters

Rami Ollaik

A war-shocked child brought under the wing of Hezbollah. That child’s growth into a man, and his subsequent Intifadas. A traitor to Hezbollah, a suspected terrorist to the United States, a professor of beekeeping and author of The Bees Road.

Where is Rami Ollaik? Where has his unlikely path taken him? And, perhaps most importantly, who has been watching him?

Under The Green Waters is the continuation of the story laid down in The Bees Road : a story of the publication’s fallout, its blow on the author and impact on Lebanese politics, and a story of meticulous sabotage.

In the theo-political war of ideology, words carry weight and the author’s words published in The Bees Road prove to be heavy.

How did the Party of God react to his blasphemies? Who was listening to his message, and where did their allegiances finally lie?

تحت المياه الخضراء1

Author: Rami Ollaik

Year published: 2012

Number of Pages: 612

Price: 20000L.L

ISBN: 978-2-84408-677-8