You found the perfect topic, but having trouble in shaping the story! We coach you to generate the smoothest flow of story events by addressing the plot, characters, tone of voice, imagery and dialog. It is our job to guide you through the best structure that will match your genre.


We work hand in hand with the author on both story and language editing, thus helping craft the sequence of the main events from start to rising action toward climax and resolution. We offer professional language editing with accuracy and grave attention to help you use the best words in a grammatically sound manner. Professional proofreading of the edited manuscript follows.


The tough task of encouraging people to buy your book is made simpler with our plans. We work with you around the clock to get the word out about your book. We organize book signing arrangements in a prominent setting. We cater for state-of-art media coverage and press releases ranging from written to audiovisual to social media tools. We also invite through our forums reader reviews of your book. Author profiling on various social media outlets is another specialty of ours.


Ready to print? We offer various solid printing plans, from paperback to hardcover. We pay specific attention to the type of paper to use for both the cover and the inside, as well as the number of copies to print for a given edition.


Choosing the optimal distribution plan could be challenging. Wholesalers and distributors are two main channels for positioning your book at recognized bookstores and other market outlets. We guarantee optimal market positioning.


Are you looking for professional translation services? We help you bring two cultures closer in the best possible way. Through the proper choice of the language menu, we strive to add to your voice and story a universal dimension, by mainly creating a bridge between English and Arabic literature.

Shaping The Topic

Having trouble in selecting your topic, or shaping it? We are here to guide you through the proper way of starting your own work of literature. Our publishing house is keen on helping inspire writers to find the proper path for their development. A story, whether fiction or nonfiction, is always born with an idea. We help you add a theme to your idea and channel all into a specific subject matter that suits your interest and ignite your instinctive writing process.


Are you aware of the shift in today’s world from paper to electronic publishing? We offer the recent technology in eBook services for reaching a worldwide audience in a cost-effective way. The eBook format gives your potential readers the privileges of having your book available on tablets, phones and computers.

Design & Layout

You are two steps away from physically carrying a copy of your book. We offer back and front cover design, book layout and text design. The cover design of the book is a key ingredient. It is what first meets the eye of a target reader; we make sure to turn a potential target into an actual reader who would pick up the book off the shelf. What second meets the eye is the inside text layout and design, and we make sure they invite the observer to indulge in reading the story.