Your Guide To Beekeeping

Salman Ollaik & Rami Ollaik

A scientific guide to modern beekeeping that stems from both academic and long-term practical experience in developmental apiculture.

The book follows a forthright approach in outlining the fundamentals of the life of the honeybee and illustrates both the individual and social aspects of one of nature’s most fascinating creatures, starting with species and race evolution, genetics, anatomy and physiology, and ending with the bee’s social behavior as a member of a colony.

It also depicts the delicate ecological interaction of the honeybee with its surrounding flora and fauna, especially in light of the worldwide alarming Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) phenomenon.

It helps both beekeepers and amateurs utilize the presented knowledge in the collection of as much potential products and services from the colony as possible.

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Author: Salman Ollaik & Rami Ollaik

Year published: 2010

Number of Pages: 128

Price: 10000L.L